Paolo Valisari is the main antagonist of the Lizzie McGuire movie. He is a famous and handsome Italion pop star who plans on using Lizzie to avoid being sued for a contract breech.

Character historyEdit

Paolo and his singing partner/girlfriend, Issabella Parigi, where to present ans award at the International Music Video Awards, but they had a falling out, possibly due to his lip synching. For revenge, Paolo decides to take matters into his own hands. 

Paolo first meets Lizzie when she and her graduating class, arrive in Rome for their trip, whe Lizzie stray's away from her class and meets him at a wishing well. Paolo first notices Lizzie's resemblance to Issabella. They agree to meet the next day at the Trevi Fountain. Lizzie pretends to be sick and sneaks off to meet Paolo, but they are nearly caught but they ellude her class with Paolo's body gaurd, Sergi. 

Throughout the movie, Paolo tells Lizzie that she has to take Issabella's place at the International Music Video Awards. He says it's to keep Issabella from being sued, and that she has to lip synch their hit song What Dreams Are Made Of. They been sneaking around preparing for the event, while Gordo covers for them, all while Lizzie becomes romanticlly attached to Paolo. 

Soon the media takes notice of Lizzie, mistaking her for Issabella with dyed hair (Lizzie is blond while Issabella has black hair). Apparently this was part of Paolo's plan.

Soon, on the day of the concert, Miss Ungermyer discovers one of her students has been skipping and Gordo takes the fall for Lizzie. Cut out of the class, he heads to the airport where he meets the real Issabella, who saw a tabloid with Lizzie's picture demanding an explination. Gordo tells her what happened and learns Paolo's plan to frame Issabella for lip synching, humilating Lizzie in the process.

During the concert, Issabella and Gordo race to the IMVA, being held at the Collosseum. They meet up with Lizzie in time to convince her of the truth. As Lizzie and Paolo sing their duet, Gordo and Issabella expose Paolo by unplugging his record tape. Issabella further humilates Paolo by walking on stage next to Lizzie. Angry at being exposed, Paolo leaves and argues with Sergi, who is disgusted at what he had planned and quits, leaving Paolo to the paparazzi.

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