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Lizzie McGuire songs

Lizzie Mcguire is the soundtrack to Lizzie Mcguire t.v series. The soundtrack has music from & inspired by the show, it also includes the theme song and I Can't Wait. This was the most popular Lizzie soundtrack, selling 1,000,000 copies. The soundtrack was released on 2002.

Track ListEdit

  1. I Can't Wait - Hilary Duff
  2. Why Can't We Be Friends - Smashmouth
  3. All I Can Do - Jump 5
  4. Us Against The Word - Play
  5. Irresistible - Jessica Simpson
  6. ABC - Jackson 5
  7. Everybody Wants Ya - S Club 7
  8. Start The Commotion - The Wiseguys (featuring Greg Nice)
  9. Walk Me Home - Mandy Moore
  10. What They Gonna Think - Fan_3
  11. Have a Nice Life - Dana Dawson
  12. Theme Song to Lizzie Mcguire

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