Gordo and the Magic Dwarves
Season 01, Episode 27
Gordo and the Magic Dwarves
Air Date November 16, 2001
Writer Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber
Director Savage Steve Holland
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Gordo and the Magic Dwarves is the twenty seventh episode of Lizzie McGuire's first season.

Synopsis Edit

Gordo becomes obsessed with a Dungeons & Dragons type board game which was gifted to Lizzie by her grandmother. His obsession causes his grades to drop and Lizzie and Miranda take the help of Matt to bring Gordo back to his senses. Meanwhile, Matt has to observe wildlife for a school project. However, Sam and Miranda's father eventually end up climbing a tree and watching a bird's nest.

Plot Edit

Gammy McGuire sends Lizzie one of her frequent "birthday" gifts--a role-playing game called Dwarflord: The Conquest. Mom insists that Lizzie play it at least once, so she recruits reluctant Miranda and Gordo for a game. The girls can't understand the incredibly complex rules but Gordo likes it. In fact, Gordo joins a "Dwarf Tribe" at school (led by Tudgeman, of course) and begins to spend all his time playing and thinking about the game. Gordo gets so obsessed that he even quits studying and, unbelievably, gets an "F" on a test!

Lizzie and Miranda try to talk some sense back into Gordo but he refuses to see he is addicted to the game. Matt agrees to help the girls capture Gordo and help to deprogram him. They stealthily invade a Dwarflord game, abduct Gordo and hold an intervention in which they finally convince him to go back to his old lifestyle.

Also, Matt has to observe wildlife for a school project. His dad Sam helps him out by climbing up a tree with him to look at a bird's nest. Matt gets bored right away, but Sam and later Mr. Sanchez get fascinated with it and spend hours in the tree.