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# Image Title Airdate
Rumors January 12, 2001
Lizzie jokes in an IM to Miranda that the only reason Kate made cheerleader is because she stuffs her bra, and Miranda accidentally forwards it to almost everyone in the school. Meanwhile, Matt has to take care of a lizard for class.
Picture Day
Picture Day January 19, 2001
Sam and Joe send Lizzie to school on Picture Day wearing a horrible sweater knitted by Gammy McGuire. Meanwhile, Matt tries to get out of going to school by faking an illness.
When Moms Attack
When Moms Attack January 26, 2001

Lizzie is looking forward to an overnight school camping trip, but her popularity is put on the critical list when Jo volunteers to chaperone. Meanwhile, Sam and Matt are left alone at home, to fend for themselves.

Pool Party
Pool Party February 2, 2001

Lizzie is devastated when her mom forbids her from attending heartthrob Danny Kessler's pool party. Miranda is forced to choose between her friendship with Lizzie and her desire to attend the party and join the "cool" crowd. Note: This is the pilot episode of the series.

I've Got Rhythmic
I've Got Rhythmic February 9, 2001

Lizzie is dismayed that everyone in school is good at something, except her. Coach Kelly helps her find the one thing she's good at, but is it good enough for Lizzie?

Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades February 23, 2001
Gordo is convinced that Mr. Pettus is giving him B's instead of A's because Pettus doesn't like him. Meanwhile, Matt insists that his family refer to him as "M-Dogg."
7 Aaron Carter's Coming to Town
Aaron Carter comes to town to shoot a Christmas-themed music video. Matt, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo decide to sneak in to meet him. While Matt is successful in doing so, Lizzie and her friends are chased around the studio by the security guards. Eventually, Lizzie gets to meet him and Lizzie and Miranda get to feature in the music video along with Carter.
8 Misadventures in Babysitting
When a babysitter is unable to make it, Lizzie's parents reluctantly let Lizzie babysit her brother, Matt. She soon discovers that babysitting is not as easy as it looks, even with her friends' help.
9 Election
Lizzie decides to run for school president and starts to become very egotistical, shrewd and obsessed with winning. Matt makes up an imaginary friend named Jasper, which worries his parents a lot.

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