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Rumors January 12, 2001
Lizzie inadvertently starts a hurtful rumor about Kate when she fails to make it to the cheerleading squad but Kate does. Miranda takes the blame for the rumor and Lizzie watches a full-scale war develop between the two, while Lizzie tries to work up the courage to admit that it was she who began the rumor. Matt keeps a pet lizard at home whom he names Lizzie.
Picture Day
Picture Day January 19, 2001
Social embarrassment looms when Lizzie's mother insists she wear the "cute" red unicorn sweater her grandmother knit for her on picture day. Matt becomes "sick" and takes a day off from school to stay at home.
When Moms Attack
When Moms Attack January 26, 2001

Lizzie is excited to go on a co-ed camping trip with her science class, but soon loses interest when her mom steps in as an emergency chaperone. Matt and his dad are having trouble cooking dinner in the absence of Jo.

Pool Party
Pool Party February 2, 2001

Lizzie and Miranda are invited to Danny Kessler's pool party. But, Lizzie is denied permission by her parents to attend the party, as it turns out to be the same day as her grandmother's birthday. However, when she is allowed to attend the party, she decides to rather spend the day with Gordo who was not invited to the pool party. Note: This is the pilot episode of the series.

I've Got Rhythmic
I've Got Rhythmic February 9, 2001

Lizzie is fed up with being an average student and finds that she is good in rhythmic gymnastics. She joins the school team and takes part in an inter-school contest. Kate conspires with Larry Tudgeman to sabotage it for Lizzie.

Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades February 23, 2001
Gordo thinks that his teacher Mr. Pettus is adopting a partisan approach by awarding him only 'B' grades instead of 'A's. So he plans to switch projects with Lizzie. Meanwhile, Matt changes his name to "M-Dogg".
7 Aaron Carter's Coming to Town
Aaron Carter comes to town to shoot a Christmas-themed music video. Matt, Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo decide to sneak in to meet him. While Matt is successful in doing so, Lizzie and her friends are chased around the studio by the security guards. Eventually, Lizzie gets to meet him and Lizzie and Miranda get to feature in the music video along with Carter.
8 Misadventures in Babysitting
When a babysitter is unable to make it, Lizzie's parents reluctantly let Lizzie babysit her brother, Matt. She soon discovers that babysitting is not as easy as it looks, even with her friends' help.
9 Election
Lizzie decides to run for school president and starts to become very egotistical, shrewd and obsessed with winning. Matt makes up an imaginary friend named Jasper, which worries his parents a lot.

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