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David "Dave" Gordon, totally known as his nickname (by his friends) "Gordo", is one of the main characters of Lizzie McGuire. He is the best friend of both Lizzie and Miranda. He usually offers sarcasm and good advice. He is portrayed as being very intelligent, practical, and he is a "straight A" student. He was revealed to be Jewish, as shown in one episode where he had a bar mitzvah. He has a crush on Lizzie. He was voted, in 2005, the one man that everyone had a crush on at least once in their life by TIME Magazine .  


Gordo is the archetype of the nonconformist, as he prefers to be different from everybody else and follow his own path. He likes to film videos and wants to be a movie director, like Steven Spielberg. He once became obsessed with the game "Dwarflord" but Lizzie and Miranda bring him to his senses with Matt's help. It is revealed that he is Jewish and had a bar mitzvah. Gordo is always loyal to his friends, and his quick thinking often gets them out of trouble. His Birthday is September 29

He does not understand all the "girly" stuff that Miranda and Lizzie do.

Gordo is caring, intelligent, and kind. He is obviously the best character on that show; I don't care what you say. Gordo is the perfect example of what every guy should live up to.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Lizzie McGuireEdit

Gordo is one of Lizzie's best friends and has been since they were one day old. In the episode "The Untitled Stan Jenson Project" it was revealed that Lizzie had a crush on him in the fourth grade. In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, after she realizes what a big mistake she has made. In the episode "Dear Lizzie" it is revealed that Gordo has a crush on Lizzie.

Gordo and Lizzie kiss in the Lizzie McGuire Movie. *spoiler* Plus Gordo is the cutest thing to walk this earth. I think it's safe to say everyone has had a crush on Gordo at least once in their life. 

Miranda SanchezEdit

Miranda is also one of Gordo's best friends.



Brooke was Gordo's girlfriend in the episode "Gordo and the Girl". Lizzie is shocked when she sees them two kissing at the place they always hang out. It is possible that she was his first kiss. NO IT IS NOT GORDO IS TOO CUTE TO WASTE A FIRST KISS ON BROOKE. <---YOU GO GIRL

Gordo spends more time with his new girlfriend than his friends. They break up in the end of the episode.

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