Bad Girl McGuire

Bad Girl McGuire

Episode Information
Episode 11
Air Date May 4, 2001
Written by Melissa Gould
Directed by Anson Williams
Production Code 110
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Previous I Do, I Don't
Next Between a Rock and a Bra Place

Bad Girl McGuire is the eleventh episode of the first season of Lizzie McGuire.


In math class, punked-out troublemaker Angel puts gum in Lizzie's hair, then tries to cheat off her test paper. The teacher is annoyed with the distractions and sends them both to detention. Lizzie is nervous about entering the detention hall for the first time and facing Angel again, but she actually finds that the experience is a different one for her--almost fun. When she gets home, Mom is mad at her for not calling about being late. Lizzie lies about where she's been. Mom is also mad at Matt for being late. When he complains about the freedoms his friends have, including no bedtimes, Mom makes a deal: if he comes home on time, he won't have a bedtime. Matt is overjoyed about this, but Jo seems to know what she's doing.

At school Lizzie is now dressing like Angel and hanging with her. She's also forging notes and cutting classes. Angel invites her to a high-school party on Friday. When Lizzie later finds out there will be no parents at the party, she's secretly worried. Gordo and Miranda decide that Lizzie needs an intervention, so they sit her down and make her watch a video they've made, "Before They Were Bad Girls." Lizzie admits that being bad is a lot of hard work. She tells Gordo and Miranda that she'll spend next Friday with them and she puts Angel back in her place. Meanwhile, Matt has been staying up late at night and walking around like a zombie in the daytime. Soon he asks for his old bedtime back.


  • This episode was filmed on November 9 - 12, 2000.
  • The first appearance of the drama teacher, Mr. Escobar.
  • Angel gives Lizzie the nickname "Frizzy," or "Frizz," in this episode.
  • Some still photos of Lizzie helping a little old lady across the street are shown, and the woman in them looks suspiciously like the woman who has appeared in stills in other episodes as Nana, Lizzie's grandmother.
  • Some real-life pictures of Hilary Duff as a younger girl are seen in the "intervention" video Gordo and Miranda made.
  • Matt (Jake Thomas) does an imitation of Tom Cruise's famous dance scene in the movie Risky Business. The recording used here of "Old Time Rock and Roll" is by someone other than Bob Seger, though.
  • Angel refers to dweebs and geeks as "double E's."
  • Anson Williams, who directed this episode, played "Potsie" Weber for years on the sitcom, “Happy Days”. Since his days on that show, he has been most active as a television director.


  • In this episode, Lizzie lies to her mom, and has no trouble or difficulty doing it. But in the next episode, "Between a Rock and a Bra Place ", she says she can't lie to her mom, and then cracks under the pressure.
  • Nitpick: When Angel is putting gum in Lizzie's hair, Lizzie looks to the side at Miranda, but when the close up shot is shown of Angel pulling the gum back, Lizzie is looking straight ahead.
  • In the opening scene in the math class, it looks like the prop person opened up a box of pencils and gave every kid in the class a new one, they're all the same length, color, etc.
  • Lizzie serves her detention the same day it's assigned, though most if not all schools have to give at least 24 hours notice before after-school detention can be served. Another nitpick is that Jo complains she didn't know where Lizzie was after her detention, but some schools notify parents of a student's detention. As for how she got home since the bus had already run, it's likely she walked or got a ride from someone.
  • In the opening shots, Miranda's hair is held up in pigtails by several different-colored elastic bands. Later, near the detention room, the bands have been switched around. Each shot was most likely done on different days.
  • At the start of the episode where the teacher is handing out the quiz, Gordo is wearing a light gray long-sleeved shirt underneath his button-down short-sleeved shirt. But in the hallway when Gordo and Miranda are walking Lizzie to detention, Gordo is wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath his usual short-sleeved button-down shirt. Later when Gordo is talking to Lizzie and Miranda on the phone, he's in the long-sleeved shirt again.
  • Gordo tells Lizzie he has the answers for algebra. But few, if any, 7th graders take a math class as advanced as algebra. There has been a lot of disagreement about this. Many people have told us they either took algebra in the 7th grade or that other kids do or that 7th graders sometimes take introductory lessons to the subject in math class.
  • When Lizzie first enters the detention room, there is a pink sticker with "Lizzie" printed on it stuck on her binder--but it's only visible in the shots with Mr. Escobar in them. When the camera goes back to Lizzie, the sticker is gone. The sticker disappears and reappears like this throughout the conversation.
  • When the teacher hands out the test, Angel is saying, "Let me see your paper" and trying to cheat off Lizzie before she's even had a chance to write anything down.


Miranda: (sarcastically) Great. A pop quiz.
Gordo: (sincerely and excitedly) Great! A pop quiz! I love the smell of pop quizzes in the morning!
Angel: What planet are you from again, Gor-dork?

Angel: Hey, Frizz. Did you get the answers for the test from Gor-dork?
Lizzie: OK. A, My name is Lizzie, not “Frizz”. (Angel looks puzzled at hearing that) B, Gordo’s no dork. He is one of my best friends. And C, I don’t cheat.

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